Painted: Necromunda Dome Runner and scatter terrain

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These are the first 28mm scale items on which I’ve used mostly Citadel Contrast paints, and not much regular acrylic paint. I’m quite pleased with the results.

I’ve used contrast paints a bit for 6mm scale (Warhammer Epic 40,000) in the last couple of years. I find that they do help me to get a good-enough result more quickly than I would with the more traditional methods that I’m used to.

I’m not entirely comfortable with them yet for 28mm scale, but I’ll definitely use them more. In fact, I’ve aborted a colour scheme I’d started for a Necromunda Genestealer Cult gang and started again with a new scheme based on contrast paints. In general I don’t get much painting done; but this new scheme gives me much more hope that I might actually finish a gang in a reasonable time frame. Or, you know, ever.

I might come back in the future to fill in a few more details and add some more highlights over the existing varnish (and then varnish again). But for now I’m happy with this as a tabletop standard for play… sometime when the Covid-19 pandemic lets up…

  • The miniature is the resin Dome Runner from Forgeworld.
  • The scatter terrain items are also resin. I got them from some random seller on eBay a year or so ago time ago. As it turned out, they were rather poor recasts — but fortunately they are ‘good enough’ after a bit of sanding, clean-up and painting.

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