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Remove the redundant print button
ID: 437Status: X. ClosedVersion: N/AReport Date: 3rd October 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp

In the Android app, the Print button doesn’t do anything — and there are no other print or share options.

[Your best option for now is to use a web browser and print from the website, where the button does work.]

Update 2020-03-05: I don’t have a way to add print/share features to the Android app yet, and this isn’t much of a priority anyway. And the print button is a bit redundant for desktop web browsers as it does the same thing as a standard print dialog anyway. So, I’ll just remove the print button altogether.

I’m also giving this issue a new title so that it corresponds better with the action I’m taking, for a clearer version history (original title: ‘Print button on the toolbar doesn’t work in the Android app’).