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'Regroup' rules should state 'two D6' not '2D6', to be consistent with definitions
ID: 465Status: X. ClosedVersion: 1.0.0Report Date: 8th October 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp Resolution Date: 8th October 2018Resolution Version: 1.0.1
ReporterEric Weston

In the Regroup topic and in the list of actions (Action topic), the text states ” Roll 2D6 and remove a number of Blast markers equal to whichever score is highest” or similar.

To be consistent with the definitions in the Dice, score, modifiers and values topic, this ought to say something like “Roll two D6…” instead.

Also, it might be nice to summarise the regroup rule in the version of the action list that appears in the Quick reference topic.

[Update: Resolved with fix in release version 1.0.1]