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Make top-level menu items/section headings into actual topics
ID: 579Status: X. ClosedVersion: N/AReport Date: 22nd October 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp

Currently the top-level menu items/section headings like Introduction and Advanced Rules group topics into appropriate sections, but are not actually topics with content and a URL we can link to.

I did this for good reasons at the time, but it now makes sense to make these items into proper topics. This should also help to solve issue #443.

In HTML formats it is annoying when users land on a page where the topic has virtually no content, so I intend to:

  • move or create some content into the new topics (for example, the contents of the About training scenarios topic can move into the Training top-level menu item/topic)
  • make the top-level menu items/topics in the ‘landing page’ design, so that they preview the sub-menu items in the page body rather than in the side menu.

I’ll also have to update links in the Home page, and in the relationship table for the ‘Related information’ links.