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HTML formats: Make more content 'collapsed' by default
ID: 588Status: X. ClosedVersion: 1.0.1Report Date: 25th October 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp Resolution Date: 25th October 2018Resolution Version: 1.1.0
ReporterEric Weston

Some content in the HTML versions is ‘collapsed’ by default and you can ‘expand’ it with a tap/click if you want to. This gives you more control over what you want to see or ignore. (Another benefit of HTML over PDF.)

This approach reduces the initial visual clutter on the screen and is also useful to make some content less prominent. Types of content we may wish to make less prominent but not remove from the ‘point of need’ include:

  • Secondary information that you’ll only read once/rarely.
  • Advanced information you don’t want to bother with while you learn the basics.
  • Optional extra rules/interpretations/house rules that you are not interested in (though other readers might be).

With this in mind, it’d make sense to ‘collapse’ more of the existing notice boxes into ‘expandable’ teasers (especially ‘house rules’ but also some examples and other notices).