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Sniper ability: Add a 'house rule' to offer a sensible procedure
ID: 590Status: X. ClosedVersion: 1.0.1Report Date: 25th October 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp Resolution Date: 25th October 2018Resolution Version: 1.1.0
ReporterEric Weston

Even with the FAQ it is still quite unclear how exactly to make and allocate Sniper attacks. Add a suggestion for a procedure along the following lines (and remove redundant inline comments of course):

  1. Attacking player: Roll to hit for all ‘regular’ shooting attacks.
  2. Attacking player: Roll to hit for all Macro-Weapon attacks.
  3. Target player: Allocate regular hits in the usual way.
  4. Attacking player: Declare which units you will target with your Sniper attacks, and roll to hit for each individually. These attacks may ‘double up’ with other Sniper attacks, and may double up on units that already have regular hits allocated to them.
  5. Target player: Make saving throws for all regular hits and Sniper hits (remember the -1 save modifier) and remove casualties.
  6. Target player: Allocate Macro-Weapon hits, make any Reinforced Armour saving throws where appropriate, and remove casualties.