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Fix misinterpretation in Sniper ability text
ID: 617Status: X. ClosedVersion: N/AReport Date: 20th December 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp

In rewriting the Sniper ability text to be clearer, I misinterpreted how the attacker gets to choose what units are actually hit. Having discussed elsewhere, I’d like to fix this (and then also remove the ‘house rule’ bit in the FAQ section).

URL is:

The original source text is:

Some infantry units are noted as being snipers. Roll separately when attacking with a sniper unit. If they hit, the attacker can choose which enemy unit is hit from those within range and in the line of fire of the sniper unit. In addition the target suffers a -1 save modifier.

My rewrite of this, live at the time of writing this ticket, is:

When you are attacking with a Sniper unit, you can target and roll to hit against a specific unit in the target formation (subject to the usual range and line of fire limitations). Also, the target unit suffers a -1 save modifier against Sniper hits.

I propose to replace this with:

When you make attacks with this ability, roll dice to hit separately from other attacks.

For each successful Sniper hit, you may choose which specific unit in the target formation is actually hit — either before or after the target player allocates regular hits. Of course, your choice is subject to the usual limitations, such as range and line of fire — and subject to whether or not you took into account the cover to hit modifier, if appropriate.

Also, the target units you choose suffer a -1 save modifier against these hits.