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Add scenario variant 'Ill Met by Fog Lights' to the project
ID: 627Status: X. ClosedVersion: 1.1.0Report Date: 7th February 2019Product: EA Rules Revamp Resolution Date: 8th February 2019Resolution Version: 1.2.0
ReporterEric Weston

With reference to the ‘Ill Met by Moonlight’ scenario (from the booklet of the same name):

My friend and I thought the scenario was a nice idea and we gave it a try. We had a fun game in the end, but only after we wrestled with some things that were unclear and debated solutions for gaps in the rules.

After our battle, I used what we learned to rework the scenario as a new version with our own tweaks. The result is a variant of the original scenario that I’m calling ‘Ill Met by Fog Lights’. I’ll add the finished article to the project.