Make the 'local' navigation consistent (mainly affects HTML formats)
ID: 730Status: X. ClosedVersion: 1.0.0Report Date: 8th February 2020Product: Revolver Compendium Resolution Date: 9th February 2020Resolution Version: 1.1.0
ReporterEric Weston

At present the ‘local’ navigation menu does not appear on ‘parent’ pages, only on ‘child’ pages. And these parent pages have an ‘In this section’ menu in their body, to provide the most essential navigation to ‘child’ topics and to present something within parent topics which might otherwise be empty.

This variation makes the navigation experience inconsistent, and sometimes takes away the most obvious route to go ‘up’ in the document structure. The approach I used to create this experience was a workaround for another problem — and has the additional drawback that it creates extra work for me to set up and maintain the project.

I have developed a better approach in another project — I just need to make the necessary changes to apply it to this project. The result will be as follows:

Most of the ‘In this section’ menus will be gone, to avoid duplication (though I might keep some purely for the PDF output, if they seem to be especially worthwhile in that context).

For desktop and tablet screen widths in the HTML formats, the ‘local’ navigation menu will appear on ‘parent’ pages just like it does on ‘child’ pages.

For smaller (‘mobile’) screen widths in the HTML formats, the local menu will appear at the bottom of every topic. This will make navigation a little more convenient, and also means that ’empty’ topics (parent pages that exist as a heading the the document structure but don’t contain any actual content) don’t look quite so daft because at least you can see the navigation to the child pages rather than a big blank space.

The only downside I can see with this is that some pages will look a little odd in the desktop and tablet screen widths, because they consist of only a heading and little or no content — and thus a big white space, with the local navigation menu to the right. It can look a little odd, but it is a small price to pay overall I think.

As always, because I haven’t yet figured out how to get the server to ask your web browser to update its cache, be sure to clear your browser cache – otherwise you may only see these changes on pages you didn’t browse before, so you’ll think it isn’t working right.