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Add and populate new 'Scenarios' top-level section
ID: 741Status: X. ClosedVersion: N/AReport Date: 15th February 2020Product: EA Rules Revamp

Tournament-style games are far from the only way to play Epic — it’d be nice to include more information about other ways to play.

The original Epic Armageddon rulebook contains a good amount of content about scenarios that is missing or not prominent in the NetEA and EpicUK websites. And there were some interesting scenarios in Fanatic magazine articles. Others might also become known to me later.

To accommodate this content, it’d make sense to have a new top-level section in the project named Scenarios. I can also move the small amount of existing content from More/More scenarios to the new section.

Much of this content is ‘conversational’ in  nature, so I don’t intend to rewrite it as I did with the main body of the rules — but I’ll fix up anything that seems problematic and perhaps fix a few typographical errors and inconsistencies as I go.