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Fighting in close combat

[Content from Rule Book page 22.]

Close combats are fought when there are opposing detachments in base-to-base contact after a player has made all of his assault moves. If a detachment has any units in base contact with an enemy detachment a close combat must be resolved between the two detachments. The close combat is resolved before the opposing player gets a chance to move his assaulting units. The player with the initiative decides which order close combats are resolved in.

Close combat is resolved by both players rolling a dice with the highest roll winning the combat. The roll of the dice is modified by various factors like the skill of the units fighting and the numbers involved.

The more one player beats the other's dice roll by the greater his victory and the more casualties he will inflict, although both sides are likely to suffer losses in close combat.

Enemy detachments defeated in close combat are also driven back and suffer extra Blast markers.

Close combat procedure