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The Shooting phase

[Content from Rule Book page 16.]

The Shooting phase is split into two parts. In the first part vehicles and infantry shoot, in the second part war engines shoot. The initiative is determined separately for each part of the Shooting phase. In each part the players alternate shooting detachments, starting with the player with the initiative (the player with the initiative shoots with a detachment, the opposing player shoots with a detachment, and so on). A player can always opt to pass on an opportunity to shoot, waiting until later in the Shooting phase.

When a player picks one of his detachments to fire he also picks an enemy detachment as its target. Firing is resolved by adding up the Firepower values of units from the detachment and then rolling a number of dice based on the total Firepower it can bring to bear against the target detachment. Any dice rolls which equal or beat the Armour values of units in the target detachment destroy enemy units. There's a summary of the shooting procedure below and in this section of the rules we'll work through it step by step.

Shooting procedure

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