Icons and tokens

A complete list of all the icons/tokens and their meanings.

Gameplay icons and tokens
Icon Meaning
Bandit Character card. (Gravestone) On the actual cards the icon includes a number to represent the Survival Rating of the character.
Lawmen card. (Sheriff's Deputy star badge)
Bandit Firepower card. (Black poker chip)
Lawmen Firepower card. (White poker chip)

Frontier Firepower card. (Red poker chip) These red poker chip icons count as either white or black poker chip icons, as appropriate when interacting with other cards.

+1 One more turn at this battlefield. Move the Turn Marker one space left.
-1 One less turn at this battlefield. Move the Turn Marker one space right. If the Turn Marker is currently on the last space of a Battlefield card then this effect cannot be played.
or (or ) Extra firepower. Place this token on the card. As long as this token is on the card it's firepower value is increased by the number shown.
True Grit. Some characters gain this token when entering play, or during the game. This means this character has an extra life — when this character is killed leave the card in play but remove the token. Next time the character is killed remove it from play as normal.
Impervious. This card can't be destroyed by your opponent by any means.
Come into play effect. Follow the instructions on this card when this card is played from your hand into the playing area.
Discard. Choose another card (or as many as indicated by the number in the icon) to discard from you hand as the cost of playing this card.
Random discard. To play a card with this icon, the player must offer his hand of cards to his opponent, face down — the opponent then chooses a card (or as many as indicated by the number in the icon) which must be discarded.

Dollar Coin token. This is an additional cost to be paid in order for a card to be played. For each Dollar Coin icon on the card, you must return a Dollar Coin token to the coin pool. If you do not have enough tokens then you cannot play the card.

Mexican Border cube token. For each cube shown on the player card, remove or add one cube token at the Mexican Border card depending on whether it is shown as a cost or increase on the card (usually the cubes are removed as a cost of playing certain cards from the Colonel McReady card, but some 'Come into play effects' state either a gain or a loss of cubes).

Gunsight. When playing a card that kills an enemy card, you must target any gunsight-icon-bearing cards at that battlefield first. If there are multiple cards with a gunsight icon, choose which one to target.

Padlock. You may play cards featuring this icon face-down at San Manzanillo Prisonbefore reaching that battlefield and during any fight there. If you do, you do not pay any costs usually associated with the card and don’t activate any 'Coming into play effects' (). These are the only cards that may be played face-down at this battlefield.

Wound. Place this token on the Jack "The Crow" Colty card. At the very moment when you should place a fifth Wound token on Jack "The Crow" Colty, the Colonel McReady player immediately wins the game!

Wounds can be borne as cost for playing a card, entering the San Manzanillo Prison battlefield or through the effect of cards (+) Some cards can remove a token (-).

Hangman’s Noose. If one of your cards at a battlefield is destroyed or killed by your opponent, then, in addition, you must put into your discard pile from play all of your cards bearing the Hangman’s Noose icon at the same battlefield.

Boot Hill. Cards of yours bearing this icon have a secondary power — that can only be used once the card has ended up in your discard pile. During your turn, you may shuffle the card bearing the Boot Hill icon back into your deck.

You may only activate this ability when the card is in your discard pile — you may do this on any one of your turns.

Eagle token. The placement of this token renders the host card blank, and also an attachment cards it may have. Pretend it has no numbers, icons, or text written upon it — until the Eagle token is removed.

The token may be placed on any card in play, except for Bandit Character cards, Battlefield cards, the San Manzanillo Prison card, and any Scene cards on the table.

Child Hostage token. This token, when placed upon Cortez, operates in all respects as if it were a True Grit token.
The Shakes token. Used as a reminder when a player triggers The Shakes Frontier deck card.
Smoke Signal token. Used as a reminder when a player triggers Smoke Signal Frontier deck card.

Deck-building and special icons
Icon Meaning
Open Range.
Attachment. Example: Volcanic Pistol.
Play Immediately. A few cards must be played immediately when they are drawn. These cards bear this icon and state '*PLAY THIS CARD IMMEDIATELY*'.
Special Character. Example: Armed Train Guard.
Special Weapon. Example: Garrotte.

Battlefield. Example: Valley of the Gwangi.

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