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Set up Revolver

How to get Revolver ready to play.

Setup 1: Backdrop

  1. Place the Battlefield cards in a horizontal line between both players, in the following order:
    1. The Bank at Repentance Springs.
    2. Whiskey Canyon.
    3. Buzzard Point.
    4. Rattlesnake Creek.
    5. 3:15 Express from Rattlesnake Creek Station.
  2. Place the Derail the Train and Mexican Border cards at the end of the Battlefield row, after 3:15 Express from Rattlesnake Creek Station.
  3. Place the Turn Marker on the '-' turn space that immediately precedes space '1' on The Bank at Repentance Springs.
  4. Place 12 Mexican Border tokens on the Mexican Border card (keep the remaining two tokens handy in case they are needed to resolve certain card effects later).
  5. Place all the other game tokens in a convenient supply at the beginning of the row of Battlefield cards.

Setup 2: Bandit Character cards

  1. In front of the Colty Gang player, arrange all 16 Bandit Character cards in order of their Survival Rating (number inside the gravestone icon ).
    1. If you are using Promotional Set: By the Gun They Died then the Colty Gang player must decide to use either the Bullet or Bullet — Vicious Mutt Bandit Character card — not both.
    2. Use the additional two Bandit Character cards Cooter and Bobby Joe and Sister Sara and Mule only if using Module 1.1 A: Ambush cards.
  2. Place a True Grit token on the "Skinny" Landell card.

Setup 3: Player card decks

Prepare the Player card decks:

  • If you are playing only the base game: Shuffle each Player card deck and place face down in the respective player's area.
  • If you are playing with deck building modules from expansions: See Construct a custom deck.

Setup 4: Extra setup from expansions

Set up other elements from expansions if you wish:

Setup 5: Draw your starting hand

Both players: Draw five Player cards from your deck and take these in your hand. You are now ready to begin play.

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