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Remove inline comment about Skimmer units as cover for infantry
ID: 566Status: X. ClosedVersion: N/AReport Date: 12th October 2018Product: EA Rules Revamp

Following discussion elsewhere, with respect to: under Special Rule: Vehicles as cover for infantry, inline comment:

Comment: Can you get this benefit with AVs or WEs that are also Skimmer units?

I think you could make a case either way for this depending on how closely/often you believe that skimmers would really hug the ground enough to give cover to infantry; but the fact is that the source rules don’t mention any special exceptions like this. Therefore, the benefit should apply by default and this comment is not needed.

I’d argue that players should use their common sense and not apply the benefit while the Skimmer is popped up on Overwatch though! (Yet another edge case…) 😀