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Chaos Black Crusade army list

[Content from Armies Book page 77 and 89 to 94. Errata from Firepower #1 page 12 and 15.]

Strategy Rating

The Chaos army normally has a Strategy Rating of 3. This assumes Chaos Space Marines, Cultists and/or Daemons are present. If the force is completely made up of Chaos Space Marine detachments its Strategy is increased to 5. If it comprises only Cultists and/or Daemon detachments its Strategy Rating is lowered to 2.

Detachment lists

Supreme commander

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Cultists

Chaos Daemons

Chaos Armoured detachments

You may choose up to one Chaos Armoured detachment for every Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Cultist or Daemon detachment in your army (including the Supreme Commander if there is one).

Beloved of Khorne [example detachment card]

The following is an example of a detachment you can field using the Chaos Black Crusade army list.

Tarkha Grimsteel has led his ferocious Khorne Berzerkers into battle ever since the Horus Heresy. While the Daemon Engines of Khorne spit forth a hail of deadly fire, the frenzied Berzerkers charge at the enemy. There are few survivors after such a bloodthirsty onslaught.

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