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FAQ: Intercepting interceptors

[Content from Battles Book page 108.]

It is quite legitimate to use a detachment of flyers to intercept another detachment which is itself intercepting a third detachment on say, a Ground Attack mission. These great aerial melees are resolved in the normal manner by comparing Intercept values and starting with the highest ones getting the first shots, with flyers on Intercept missions going first in the case of a tie.

For example, two detachments of Ork Fighter-bomberz and two detachments of Thunderbolts are available. One Ork detachment is on a Ground Attack mission, everybody else is on Intercept. The ground attackers enter play and the first Thunderbolts scream in on them. The second Ork detachment intercepts the Thunderbolts and then the second group of Thunderbolts intercepts them. Thunderbolts and Fighter-bomberz have the same Intercept value so interceptors go first and the ground attackers won't get a shot in until everybody else has. The Ork player has the initiative so he gets to fire with one of his intercepting Fighter-bomberz first and then alternates with the Imperial player until he has fired all of his interceptors. The Imperial player then gets to use all of his remaining interceptors before the ground attackers get a chance to retaliate.

In these situations it is also quite legit to target flyers which have not made their attack yet, potentially destroying them or driving them off before they get a chance to do anything.

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