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FAQ: Line of Fire

[Content from Battles Book page 105.]

As with movement, the very diversity of miniatures and terrain makes absolute rules hard to justify in certain circumstances with line of fire. Many Games Workshop games use true line of sight rules, where you use the 'model's eye view', to determine whether there is a line of fire. We found that this slowed the game down too much and was impractical because of the small size of the miniatures. This was the reasoning behind applying the simple rule that if a model is higher than a piece of terrain it can see over it; occasionally this seems a little strange but nine times out of ten it works.

In truly questionable circumstances feel free to improvise or apply the Hand of Fate — the rule is not absolute, just the fastest and most easily workable.

Likewise it is assumed that your forces have enough sense to duck or position themselves so that they will not block each other's line of fire, or are firing throughout their movement if you prefer.

The whole point is to free you of details like worrying about whether a unit needs to be positioned five millimetres to the right or left to gain the best advantage. We assume that the unit's commander will deal with such tactical issues and leave you to concentrate on the ebb and flow of battle as a supreme commander should!

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