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FAQ: Walkers

[Content from Battles Book page 104.]

Walkers are machines with legs like Dreadnoughts, Sentinels, War Walkers and so on. For clarity we've designated these as 'vehicles' for movement purposes but there's a good argument for them counting terrain effects (though not counting armour bonuses) and possibly charging into combat as if they were infantry. Players with a particular fondness for walkers may want to apply this rule to them, but make sure that you and your opponent know which units are walkers at the start of the game.

As far as I can tell nearly everybody treats Dreadnoughts, War Walkers et al as infantry for movement purposes as suggested in the designer's notes. Since walkers are just slow tanks otherwise I think this can safely be made official. In addition walkers are now allowed to be carried in drop pods and transport flyers (but not transport vehicles) just like infantry units.

[From Firepower #1 page 12.]

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