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Formats of this publication

I use 'single-source publishing'1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-source_publishing to manage this publication efficiently and to compile a range of formats for you to choose from. Use whichever format you prefer — the rules content is identical for all formats at any particular release version.

Formats — choose what works best for you

Addicted to paper?

I encourage you to give the HTML5 versions a good try. I like physical paper documents as much as anyone else, but the HTML5 formats have strong advantages over 'dead tree format' and on-screen PDF:

  • More ways to navigate and quickly find the rules you want to check — not only table of contents/navigation menu but also a handy search tool, hyperlinks to related information and quick access panels on the home page.
  • Better page flow — no need to squint at the PDF or pan and zoom, no awkward page breaks.
  • Less visual clutter — some content that you probably won't want to ready very often is 'folded up' by default (just tap to unfold).
  • Easy to have the latest version at all times — no printing required.
  • No weighty tome to carry around — just use the smartphone you probably already carry.

If you still really want a hard copy then I suggest you use a good printing and binding service to process the PDF for you. I use www.doxdirect.com for this sort of thing as they provide a good service at a good price. It may be less competitive for you if you're not in the United Kingdom — check https://www.doxdirect.com/help/international-shipping.

I suggest you be kind to the environment and to your wallet by printing only occasionally, after significant updates. I'll try to keep sensible release notes at What's new, which should help you decide when there is enough change to warrant a new print-out.