Imperial army list, drop pods — reference the Walkers FAQ
ID: 878Status: X. ClosedVersion: N/AReport Date: 20th February 2021Product: Epic 40000 Compendium

Should the Imperial Army List – Space Marine Detachment include a link to the FAQ: Walkers which has the Firepower #1 ruling that Walkers can be deployed via Drop Pods? Seems to indicate that “If a Space Marine detachment consists only of Space Marine infantry units it may be deployed using drop pods (see Drop pods).” would now include Dreadnoughts, for instance.


2021-02-20 Note from Eric:

So, join up Imperial army list – Space Marine detachment with the ‘official’ ruling in the designer’s note from Firepower #1, which I added at at FAQ: Walkers? Yes, why not. A small thing perhaps, but it seems like it’d be helpful — I’ll work this into a future update. Thanks!

2021-04-20 Note from Eric:

I’ve added the reference into the source, and similar for the Space Wolves detachment, because it is also relevant there.