What's new

Version 1.3.0 | 26 March 2023

  • Done (minor): Added content from The Citadel Journal magazine issue 21 (see About this publication).
  • Done (patch): Minor improvements to text Squat Stronghold army list and unit summaries to reduce ambiguity.
  • Done (patch): #1066 — Add Leviathan datacard to Squats army list
  • Done (patch): Added Warlord Titan, Reaver Battle Titan and Warhound Scout Titan data sheets to the Chaos army list.
  • Done (patch): Changed the hierarchy of some items in the 'More' section.

I've updated all of the output formats for this version — website, app and PDF.

You can check the status of all reported issues at https://thehobby.zone/issue-tracker/?bugcatid=78