What's new

Summary of changes in this version and in earlier versions.

Version 2.0.0 | 14 April 2020

This release embodies more changes and bigger additions than I'd first intended. So, I'm treating this as a 'major' release (v2.0.0). The main rules and gameplay remain the same of course.

  • Done (minor): Add 'Further resources' topic
  • Done (patch): Remove some redundant in-line comments
  • Done (minor): Add the 'Farsight' special ability rule (from the Eldar army lists)
  • Done (patch): Various small improvements to layout and typography
  • Done (patch): Apply keyword styling where special abilities are stated
  • Done (patch): Detail the source materials for this project in the 'About this publication' topic
  • Done (minor): Move 'Example sequence for shooting' to its own topic at the end of the shooting procedure
  • Done (minor): Remove quick access links from the home page and add the floating action button (FAB) instead
  • Done (minor): Improve home page styling for better use of space
  • Done (minor): #744 — Merge top-level 'Core' rules sections
  • Done (patch): #743 — Minimise image file sizes
  • Done (minor): #742 — Add and populate an 'Optional rules' section
  • Done (minor): #741 — Add and populate new 'Scenarios' top-level section
  • Done (minor): #740 — Add the 'Lance' special ability rule
  • Done (patch): #731 — Make the 'local' navigation consistent (mainly affects HTML formats)
  • Done (patch): #437 — Print button on the toolbar doesn't work in the Android app

Notable ongoing issues

  • #441 — Table of contents in the PDF is very long

You can check the status of all reported issues at https://thehobby.zone/issue-tracker/?bugcatid=24