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Summary of changes in this version and in earlier versions.


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Version 1.2.0 | 08 February 2019

  • Done (patch): #632 — Fix missing mini-ToC for assault procedure
  • Done (patch): #629 — Allow the header to scroll on small screens (HTML formats)
  • Done (minor): #628 — Make some tournament rules content easier to reference
  • Done (minor): #627 — Add scenario variant 'Ill Met by Fog Lights' to the project
  • Done (patch): #626 — Remove irrelevant inline comment from pre-game topic
  • Done (patch): #625 — Remove outdated discount code for printing service
  • Done (minor): #617 — Fix misinterpretation in Sniper ability text

Notable ongoing issues

  • #441 — Table of contents in the PDF is very long
  • #437 — Print button on the toolbar doesn't work in the Android app

You can check the status of all reported issues at https://thehobby.zone/issue-tracker/?bugcatid=24