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Version 1.1.0 | 25 October 2018

  • Done (patch): Various small copy edits.
  • Done (minor): #590 — Sniper ability: Add a 'house rule' to offer a sensible procedure
  • Done (patch): #588 — HTML formats: Make more content 'collapsed' by default
  • Done (minor): #579 — Make top-level menu items/section headings into actual topics
  • Done (patch): #569 — Overwatch: Replace inline comment with a house rule (turning on the spot)
  • Fixed (patch): #566 — Remove inline comment about Skimmer units as cover for infantry
  • Fixed (minor): #443 — Some 'related item' links are incorrect in the PDF
  • Fixed (patch): #439 — Distorted splash screen in the Android app
  • Fixed (patch): #435 — Excess white space at the top of first page of print-outs from the website

Notable ongoing issues

  • #441 — Table of contents in the PDF is very long
  • #437 — Print button on the toolbar doesn't work in the Android app

You can check the status of all reported issues at https://thehobby.zone/issue-tracker/?bugcatid=24